Rejuvenation Lotion


If you want chemical free lotion for your skin, this is for you.  My Rejuvenation lotion combines the power of Aloe, Castor oil and the elusive Prickly Pear oil, to hydrate your skin overnight and leave you with revitalized skin in the morning.

I started making lotions many years ago, and have found that a lotion made by hand is always better than anything you can find commercially.  I make each bottle in small batches of 6 containers at a time, and every one is made with care.

This lotion (like all my products) is made with natural ingredients, even the preservative is derived from rosemary oil.  Packaged in a reusable vacuum pump bottle, which keeps the organic lotion clean and prevents spoilage.

Ingredients: distilled water, aloe gel (BIO), Castor Oil (BIO), Prickly Pear oil (BIO), Shea butter (BIO), Vegetable glycerin (BIO), Emulsifying wax (BIO, olive oil derived), rosemary terpine preservative C8 (BIO, 1.2%)


30ml pump bottle