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Calendula Lotion


Calendula Lotion


What do you do when you have a garden full of bright Calendula flowers?  Make lotion with them!

I extract the flowers to create an amazing infused oil, and then use that oil to create a light and creamy lotion.  This mixture is non-greasy, very quickly absorbed into the skin, and can be used both on the face as a daily lotion, or on the hands to keep your skin soft.  

As with all my products, this lotion is chemical free and made with all plant derived ingredients.  Even the preservative is made from rosemary terpines, and is BIO safe. A tiny bit of Lavender essential oil, gives this a light and soothing fragrance.

This lotion is packaged in a reusable vacuum pump bottle, which keeps the lotion clean and prevents spoilage.

Ingredients:  Distilled water, Calendula infused sunflower oil (BIO), Mango butter (BIO), Vegetable Glycerin (BIO), Emulsifying wax (BIO, olive oil derived), Lavender essential oil (BIO), rosemary terpine preservative C8 (BIO, 1.2%)

30ml pump bottle


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