Herbal Hair Balm


A rich and moisturizing hair conditioning masque that can soothe dry locks and put the bounce back into your hair.

I make this from natural ingredients, to be thick and deeply conditioning.  By adding an herbal infusion, you can keep your hair moisturized without adding questionable chemicals onto your scalp and skin. 

I make 3 varieties, currently:

Hibiscus: this herb is naturally helpful to prevent dandruff or excess oils, so this way you can have happy hair, but not end up feeling greasy.

Coconut Jasmine: adding rich coconut milk to my conditioner masque can create a luxurious hair treatment that leaves dry or damaged hair feeling revitalized

Rose: for those with dry or aging skin, Rose is a wonderful and refreshing way to add moisture and shine.

Leave the hair masque on for a few minutes, before rinsing out, and you will really see some improvement in your hair.


Herbal infused water (Rose, Hibiscus) or coconut milk, Vegetable glycerine, coconut oil, argan oil, cetyl alcohol (rapeseed derived), cocamidopropyl betaine (coconut derived), guar gum (thickener), emulsifying wax (BIO), Essential oils (Rose, lemon, Jasmine), Plantaserve (BIO preservative 1%)